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  1. cast Anna Maria Sieklucka
  2. release Year 2020
  3. Barbara Bialowas
  4. Duration 114M
  5. directed by Tomasz Mandes

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I never watched any movie twice but this one I watched 5 times already. Great directory, scenario,actors, costumes, even light is perfect! Thank you for that movie.
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Saw this by accident, one of the best erotic powerful movies I’ve seen, great passion and lovely music for the prude or feint hearted.
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I don’t know why this film has so low rate. Firstly, the story is quite interesting, it’s about transformation of relationship from hate to love. Secondly, the cast is good, actor who plays main character is really good-looking. Thirdly, the scenes filmed well, you as a viewer can feel the atmosphere of love between characters.
So, it’s good erotic film.